Thoughts of today

Allow me to hold your hand through the darkness. To let you know that you are not alone, and that we share this time.

Let us find ways to overcome fear, emotions of separation, and solitude.
We are in this together. Your pain is my pain, and your tears are my tears.

Allow us to also share laughter and happiness. Gratitude for all that is.
To make our hearts shine brighter, despite times of worry.

Do you see the beauty in everyday life? The happiness in the ordinary, smallest, and most simple things?

I enjoy watching the bumblebee, working so hard to get inside. Constantly batting its body against the closed window, the invisible obstacle in its way. I want to go outside, but I know there is an invisible obstacle that hinders all humans throughout the world, to move freely outside.

We always seem to long to be on the other side of invisible obstacles.

This is a time of reflecting and reconnecting with the simple and small things in life. These are magical too, and of greatest importance – just like you. Take my hand, we are in this together.

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