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Thoughts of today

Allow me to hold your hand through the darkness. To let you know that you are not alone, and that we share this time.

Let us find ways to overcome fear, emotions of separation, and solitude.
We are in this together. Your pain is my pain, and your tears are my tears.

Allow us to also share laughter and happiness. Gratitude for all that is.
To make our hearts shine brighter, despite times of worry.

Do you see the beauty in everyday life? The happiness in the ordinary, smallest, and most simple things?

I enjoy watching the bumblebee, working so hard to get inside. Constantly batting its body against the closed window, the invisible obstacle in its way. I want to go outside, but I know there is an invisible obstacle that hinders all humans throughout the world, to move freely outside.

We always seem to long to be on the other side of invisible obstacles.

This is a time of reflecting and reconnecting with the simple and small things in life. These are magical too, and of greatest importance – just like you. Take my hand, we are in this together.

slowly unfolding

Dear friends,

I have not been active for quite a while. Simply having a moment of soletude, thoughtfulness and recharge for the soul. Life can be overwhelming at points and all there is, is now. Where breathing is becoming. I am settling in my new found old territory shared with gentle souls eager to share this moment in time. Truely blissful. This year will continue at slow pace, rebuilding and regrouping. Shaping tomorrows now.

Naturastipendium / Writer’s scholarship!

So insanely happy to have received a writer’s scholarship. I was sent to the North in Sweden, close to the Norwegian border. The hosts, Bodil and Kenneth, at Jormlien Fjällgård where amazing! Great tips on where to head in the surroundings and wow, was I inspired by the wild untouched nature. I even bumped into a bear one day. I have a lots of photos on instagram from that trip. I wrote, painted and was engaged in wonderful conversations with the locals. Just before the departure I had finished writing on a long project – a novel, so this journey was all about shaking off the old, finding base and from there take off on new writings. So exited to get my claws into something new!

Författarcentrum 50år!

Författarcentrum firar 50år och jag har haft nöjet att få fira det med andra eminenta författare från Norr.

Stadshuset i Sundsvall bjöd på lokal för våra framträdanden och vi avslutade firandet i sann livsnjutaranda på Knaust hotell med trerättersmeny. Knaust har genom historien varit tillhåll för traktens författare och konstnärer. De vackra miljöerna och den goda maten kan man förstå lockar esteter och ordförvaltare.

I samband med Författarcentrums 50års firande släpptes även den 2:a delen i Serien Pocket Poetry for Moments of Despair, Ode to Destiny. Champagnen poppade och skummet flödade.

Release! Ode to Destiny

The feeling when you hold your book in your hand is indescribable!

When I started writing the Series Pocket Poetry for Moments of Despair I was clear about that I wanted to keep them in a small easy-to-carry-format.

People are often afraid of poetry I have noticed. Afraid that they might not understand, find it boring or way too heavy, not in weight but in heart.

Ode to Destiny is like The Silent Songs a small collection of uplifting poems to keep you on track towards the goals of your dreams. I would like to think about them as inspirational poetry. Don’t be afraid, just enjoy!

The release will be held at the Townhall in Sundsvall,
13 September 2017
Most Welcome!

Spirited away

There is something about endless expanses that resonates with my soul. We had planned this trip since ten years and something always seemed to get in the way for doing it.

Then we just decided. The right time will never come, we just have to do it with what we’ve got, and off we went. Me, my sister and my father. Spending time with your family is so important. Do not take the time together for granted. And of course I left a poem in the Helags guest book.

My last adventure with my father was in 2013, when we took our motorbikes and drove from Sweden to Italy across the Alps. Something to remember. We have already decided that we are going to make a new adventure upcoming fall. New mountains to greet.

Writing Chronicle

I received a message on my Linked-In. “Would you like to write a chronicle for the magazine Konstperspektiv, (perspective on Art), why don’t you think about it.”

I tell you what, I did not have to think about that at all. I simply returned the message within seconds stating “how many key characters and when is the deadline”

I wrote about the circle of life and art. Nietzsche also gets his voice heard. The result you can find in Nr 3 issued 25th August 2017!

Link to the Magazine Konstperspektiv

When Syncronicity Take Charge

I received a message on Facebook, from Erika Mikaelsson, that added me as friend 7 years ago. She had now taken a wrong turn ending up by a “magical house”, she “just had to stop at”. Talking to the neighbors, she found out that me and my husband was the owners. Erika snapped a photo of our summer house and wrote:

“Look where I am. I do not believe in coincidences, we have to meet!”

So we did, had a fabulous dinner at Teheran Grill, Södermalm in Stockholm. Talking away as if we had known each other for ages.
The dinner resulted in that we now have started to work together on a drama documentary project.

I will let you know more about it as the road unfolds.
Stay tuned!

Finding your Master(s)

For every new skill you wish to master you need to find someone that inspire you. This summer I had the opportunity to paint with Joe Paquet, an amazing landscape painter that not only produce award winning paintings but also teaches from his heart.

Joe has a lot in common with my fabulous husband Farigh Ghaderi that invited him as a guest teacher to the Art Studio. I feel truly blessed for being in these two guys warm hands teaching me to paint and draw. And I was thrilled to hear that Joe is coming back this summer! Check it out!

For me nature truly is a place for recreation, inspiration and challenge.