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Naturastipendium / Writer’s scholarship!

So insanely happy to have received a writer’s scholarship. I was sent to the North in Sweden, close to the Norwegian border. The hosts, Bodil and Kenneth, at Jormlien Fjällgård where amazing! Great tips on where to head in the surroundings and wow, was I inspired by the wild untouched nature. I even bumped into a bear one day. I have a lots of photos on instagram from that trip. I wrote, painted and was engaged in wonderful conversations with the locals. Just before the departure I had finished writing on a long project – a novel, so this journey was all about shaking off the old, finding base and from there take off on new writings. So exited to get my claws into something new!

Spirited away

There is something about endless expanses that resonates with my soul. We had planned this trip since ten years and something always seemed to get in the way for doing it.

Then we just decided. The right time will never come, we just have to do it with what we’ve got, and off we went. Me, my sister and my father. Spending time with your family is so important. Do not take the time together for granted. And of course I left a poem in the Helags guest book.

My last adventure with my father was in 2013, when we took our motorbikes and drove from Sweden to Italy across the Alps. Something to remember. We have already decided that we are going to make a new adventure upcoming fall. New mountains to greet.

When Syncronicity Take Charge

I received a message on Facebook, from Erika Mikaelsson, that added me as friend 7 years ago. She had now taken a wrong turn ending up by a “magical house”, she “just had to stop at”. Talking to the neighbors, she found out that me and my husband was the owners. Erika snapped a photo of our summer house and wrote:

“Look where I am. I do not believe in coincidences, we have to meet!”

So we did, had a fabulous dinner at Teheran Grill, Södermalm in Stockholm. Talking away as if we had known each other for ages.
The dinner resulted in that we now have started to work together on a drama documentary project.

I will let you know more about it as the road unfolds.
Stay tuned!

Finding your Master(s)

For every new skill you wish to master you need to find someone that inspire you. This summer I had the opportunity to paint with Joe Paquet, an amazing landscape painter that not only produce award winning paintings but also teaches from his heart.

Joe has a lot in common with my fabulous husband Farigh Ghaderi that invited him as a guest teacher to the Art Studio. I feel truly blessed for being in these two guys warm hands teaching me to paint and draw. And I was thrilled to hear that Joe is coming back this summer! Check it out!

For me nature truly is a place for recreation, inspiration and challenge.


Det är tidig gryning, strax innan 5 på morgonen och jag är som vanligt vaken. Den här tiden är vad jag upplever som den klara, innan jag har fyllts med omvärldens alla intryck.

Jag har en stund då jag kan vända mig inåt och umgås med mig själv och mina tankar. Utan avbrott. Utan påverkan.

Meditation och koppla upp mig mot något större blir allt viktigare för att behålla perspektiven. I vardagen. I livet. I skrivandet. I andetagen.

I meditation finner jag svar på något jag undrat över, löser ett moment i skrivandet där jag inte vet hur jag ska gå vidare. I meditationen ropar jag ut en tystnad av frågor jag inte ens kan formulera, sedan lyssnar jag på ekot i mitt inre rum. Där svaren alltid har funnits.

Summing up prior Gothemburg Bookfare Monter C04:29 Thu 16:00 Fri 15.30 

Since April and the book launch things has been rather buzy & lazy. I went to Sundsvall and performed my poetry to Magical Tomas Tiberts music and found some new readers that I enjoyed chatting with.

I also met Anita Jacobson a fabolous hardworking poet and we had a long afternoon tea on my veranda at our sommerplace, tea ran out twice so we decided to continue with dinner. By midnight we counted stars before we said…see you soon again! Amazing when conversations never seem to come to an end.
Sunny skies and bading was part of this summer togheter with my 2-year old son. This august he went to kindergarden and he loves it. That brings peace in a poet mothers heart. The staff is great.

I was planning of keeping my blog up and kicking all this time but the thing I did lack was time. I just decided to be all mum since the maternity leave was coming to an end.

Now It’s time to get going again and I look forward to it. I wanted to post a video but I do not manage to get it out of my phone! Any clues? I can’t find how to save it on the memorycard…

I’ve been invited to Gothemburg International Bookfare by the English Bookshop and will be signing the Silent Songs in their monter C04:29 thursday 16:00 and friday 15:30 then Meg Rosoff comes along for signing her great childrens books.

I really hope to see and meet you there and please if you see me in the chaos please stop me and have a chat! meet n greet

Dansanta Bokhandlare

När musiken drar igång och det började att spritta i benen, vad gör man? Hugger tag i första bästa bokhandlare och ja Lennart på Akademibokhandeln i Sundsvall är en rackare på att dansa!

6 Juni bjöd på sol och fin publik när jag och Anita Jacobsson invigde den litterära scenen. Nya läsare kom fram och pratade och det var riktigt härlig stämning. Det är något speciellt att få prata direkt med dem som läser ens poesi. Fina möten att minnas.

April fools day

Jag gjorde 1 April till en minnesdag över alla roliga skämt som jag och mina vänner utsatt varandra för genom åren. Så kom jag att tänka på en barndomsvän som jag förlorat kontakten med och bestämde mig för att ringa henne. Det tog mig en ganska lång stund att söka rätt på henne men till sist lyckades jag. Nu ska vi träffas och låta våra barn leker tillsammans medan vi pratar om gamla goda minnen. Underskatta aldrig kraften i ett telefonsamtal. Goda vänner är alltid goda vänner oavsett vad livet har haft att erbjuda.

Var rädda om varandra
I made the April fools day a day to remember all the good jokes me and my friends have made each other over the years. Then I came to think about one of my childhood friends that I had lost contact with and decided to make her a call. I took me quite a while to trace her down, but eventually I did. And now we are going to hook up and let our kids play together while we talk all about good memories and catch up. Never underestimate the power of a phone call. Good friends are always good friends no matter what life has had to offer.

Take care of each other