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Summing up prior Gothemburg Bookfare Monter C04:29 Thu 16:00 Fri 15.30 

Since April and the book launch things has been rather buzy & lazy. I went to Sundsvall and performed my poetry to Magical Tomas Tiberts music and found some new readers that I enjoyed chatting with.

I also met Anita Jacobson a fabolous hardworking poet and we had a long afternoon tea on my veranda at our sommerplace, tea ran out twice so we decided to continue with dinner. By midnight we counted stars before we said…see you soon again! Amazing when conversations never seem to come to an end.
Sunny skies and bading was part of this summer togheter with my 2-year old son. This august he went to kindergarden and he loves it. That brings peace in a poet mothers heart. The staff is great.

I was planning of keeping my blog up and kicking all this time but the thing I did lack was time. I just decided to be all mum since the maternity leave was coming to an end.

Now It’s time to get going again and I look forward to it. I wanted to post a video but I do not manage to get it out of my phone! Any clues? I can’t find how to save it on the memorycard…

I’ve been invited to Gothemburg International Bookfare by the English Bookshop and will be signing the Silent Songs in their monter C04:29 thursday 16:00 and friday 15:30 then Meg Rosoff comes along for signing her great childrens books.

I really hope to see and meet you there and please if you see me in the chaos please stop me and have a chat! meet n greet


– Swedish –

Tack alla som kom och delade min poesi debut med mig.
Dagen började med sedvanlig uppvärmning för poeter inför en sådan tillställning med att hänga i sandlådan med min lilla son. Varm i hjärtat framför i alla fall jag min poesi som bäst.

The English Bookshop är litet och intimt men rymmer många stora hjärtan och där samlades vi. Det är nervöst att signera böcker, mer nervöst än att läsa sin poesi. Nu låter jag poesin leva sitt eget liv och jag hoppas ta del av hur ni med er inre röst samtalar med den.
Om ni inte hade möjlighet att närvara kan ni köpa boken på
Skickar över hela världen!
Mitt hem doftar underbart av alla vackra blommor. Tack!
Med värme/Linda

Thank you all who came and shared my book launch and poetry debut. My day began with the usual warm-up for poets prior such occasion, to hang out in the sandbox with my little son. I perform my poetry at its best, being warm in my heart.

The English Bookshop is small and intimate, but hold room for many big hearts and that is where we gathered. It is nervous to sign books, more nervous than reading the poetry. Now I have set the poems free to live their life of their own and I hope to hear from you how your inner voice communicates with the poems.

If you weren’t able to attend, you can buy the book on www.creativepublishing.se
Shipping world wide!
My home is parfumed by all the beautiful flowers. Thank you!
With warmth/Linda