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Naturastipendium / Writer’s scholarship!

So insanely happy to have received a writer’s scholarship. I was sent to the North in Sweden, close to the Norwegian border. The hosts, Bodil and Kenneth, at Jormlien Fjällgård where amazing! Great tips on where to head in the surroundings and wow, was I inspired by the wild untouched nature. I even bumped into a bear one day. I have a lots of photos on instagram from that trip. I wrote, painted and was engaged in wonderful conversations with the locals. Just before the departure I had finished writing on a long project – a novel, so this journey was all about shaking off the old, finding base and from there take off on new writings. So exited to get my claws into something new!

April fools day

Jag gjorde 1 April till en minnesdag över alla roliga skämt som jag och mina vänner utsatt varandra för genom åren. Så kom jag att tänka på en barndomsvän som jag förlorat kontakten med och bestämde mig för att ringa henne. Det tog mig en ganska lång stund att söka rätt på henne men till sist lyckades jag. Nu ska vi träffas och låta våra barn leker tillsammans medan vi pratar om gamla goda minnen. Underskatta aldrig kraften i ett telefonsamtal. Goda vänner är alltid goda vänner oavsett vad livet har haft att erbjuda.

Var rädda om varandra
I made the April fools day a day to remember all the good jokes me and my friends have made each other over the years. Then I came to think about one of my childhood friends that I had lost contact with and decided to make her a call. I took me quite a while to trace her down, but eventually I did. And now we are going to hook up and let our kids play together while we talk all about good memories and catch up. Never underestimate the power of a phone call. Good friends are always good friends no matter what life has had to offer.

Take care of each other