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When Syncronicity Take Charge

I received a message on Facebook, from Erika Mikaelsson, that added me as friend 7 years ago. She had now taken a wrong turn ending up by a “magical house”, she “just had to stop at”. Talking to the neighbors, she found out that me and my husband was the owners. Erika snapped a photo of our summer house and wrote:

“Look where I am. I do not believe in coincidences, we have to meet!”

So we did, had a fabulous dinner at Teheran Grill, Södermalm in Stockholm. Talking away as if we had known each other for ages.
The dinner resulted in that we now have started to work together on a drama documentary project.

I will let you know more about it as the road unfolds.
Stay tuned!

I’m a woman

I’m a woman,
a mother,
a wife,
a sister,
an aunt,
and a friend, a neighbour and a colleague.

I’m also a poet,
student and maybe
one day

a grandmother.

I will explain to my grandchildren why
I this day
light a candle and raise our flag.

They will then look at me with greatest doubt and say:
– So you mean,
there was a time,
when women and men
were not treated equal?

and I will answer:
– Yes, today
I lit a candle and raise our flag
for those who died
for our granted rights
and continued to do so
Womens Day
Remembrance Day of

patriarchal oppression.


Känner mig förstummad av att läsa i olika flöden i sociala media att det på riktigt finns människor i vårt vackra välbärgade och trygga Sverige som önskar att vi hade en Trump som kunnat ‘ta tag’ i saker. Hur har det kunnat ske? Är det för lite historia i skolorna? Hur ska vi göra för att få folk att förstå hur privilegierade vi är?